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Personal project

OZARIN is a personal web and media project, which I occassionally update with digital offerings, personal opinions and my own insight.

It is also a place where I can experiment with new technologies. In the past I used WordPress to manage content, creating and maintiaining my own themes to support features I required.

Now OZARIN is a static website compiled using Jekyll - meaning there is no dynamic content! As such, pages load very quickly making the overall experience much better. Having spent some time developing this project, I am confident I made the right choice.

I was able to not only optimise the site, but my own workflow. Now, using task managers and simple commands, I can rebuild the project for different enironments (development, production), and apply a number of treatments to the code and assets before deploying them.

Whilst I have no definitive plans for OZARIN going forward, I do enjoy reviewing and adding/removing features from time to time in order to best present its contents.

You can visit OZARIN to see more.

Core skills

  • Project management
  • Web development
  • User Experience
  • Blogging
  • Podcasting

Other work